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Post by WarFang on Thu Mar 05, 2015 8:29 pm

So every forum/game has their rules, right? This forum will be no different.

General rules to know:

-You MUST be 14+ on this forum! If odd behaviour is expressed by forum members that seem rather unusual for the age they say they are, they may be PMed to inquire about this. Age restrictions are in place for your safety and so they should be heeded.

-NO ABUSE towards ANY MEMBER in ANY WAY AT ALL.This will NOT be tolerated and may result in an immediate ban. This includes:
~Straight up verbal abuse
~Sexual abuse/grooming
~Racism (This is a HUGE no-no in my book)
~Harassment because of religious backgrounds/views
~And just about any other form of abuse possible on the interwebs

-Do not BEG or PM STAFF for items/special genotypes/mutations. Seriously War will raise hell if you do. c:

-NO MINIMODDING. This I will also raise hell at. Those of use who ARE staff are perfectly capable of doing our jobs thank you very much. Leave the modding to us.

-If you require help for something do NOT hitchhike other members' posts/spam. If you remain calm and mature about the situation you are more likely to get a better response from staff, mainly for the fact that I'm irritated easily by "oOOOMGGGGGGGG HALP MEI THS KRETUR ISH NAHT WORKINGgGGgG!!1!!!1!1!11!11! HOW TO FIX!!1/!?!?!/!"

-No inappropriate content allowed. Perhaps in the future an 18+ board will be made for DISCUSSIONS ONLY. I can't promise anything.

Uhh I think that's about it! For now at least...



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